Short Break
Fri Jan 22 2021 
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tunbridge wells town
tunbridge wells town
Is It Time to Have a Short Holiday Break?

If you fancy a getaway, whether a self-catering holiday, guest house, or maybe just want a weekend stay at a bed & breakfast in an idyllic country pub or inn, then it's time to treat yourself, wife, girlfriend, partner or family.

There is a vast selection and superb places to choose from within the county of Kent, close to some of the finest castles, historic house, others deep in the countryside or with spectacular coastal scenery and splendid views and walks...and "Far from the madding crowd".

Is It Time to Have a Short Holiday Break?

If this is what you are looking for, then it's now time to plan that well deserved break and leave the stresses of work far behind, and begin that perfect relaxing trip.

Spend some time looking through the internet to find the ideal guest house, B &B, or self-catering accomodation that meets all your desires and requirements, then you should be able to get a good idea from the exterior and interior photographs as to what the decor and the presentation is like, for example if it's next to a railway line, motorway or main road, or near an airport, then dont expect that peaceful relaxing time away, if you are unsure then give them a quick phone call, many owners will be only too pleased to give you an idea of the surroundings, price and the menu they provide.

Make sure there's not a great workload coming up before you go, if so, it may be better to wait and book it later, you certainly dont want to begin your break with any stresses on your mind about work and anything associated with it...your time away with this on your mind will only spoil it!

If you can afford the price, and want a special treat then book into a an exclusive three or four star-guest house, but consider if the meals are included in the price, if not you will have to find that extra cash for the food and drink, so book a guest house that caters for the price you can afford without any added extras.

If you want that something special then phone to see if you can get the best room with a good view, or if you can order a bottle of champagne that will be chilled and waiting for you on your arrival.

Find out also if you have to leave the accomodation by a certain time, they may well allow you stay longer, so try and negotiate a time and a price for those extra hours you require.

For those wishing a self-catering holiday, whether it be a caravan, cottage or an old historic building, these can be booked-up months in advance, but it may be better to do some re-search as to the location and prices, some self-catering premises could be expensive for the two of you, but if you can holiday with friends or family the price is then shared between everyone, which makes it far cheaper and you still get that fantastic holiday. 

The essential rule would be to wisely plan well ahead, and find the location you want, check also that it near a local town for any shopping you need, and if you arrive late when the shops are closed, then take the essential items for a cup of tea of coffee, and some food that will get you through until the shops open.

As with many self catering holidays they dont always provide every need for you, so fore-thought is a neccessity, you may need your own towels and bed linen, so give them a ring and find out exactly whats provided for your stay and what you need to take.

No doubt you will be taking a car, so you will need to find out if the parking is in the guest house grounds and if it is free, as you certainly dont want to walk miles to unload all your suitcases.

If you want to take your pet then it's far more important to make very certain that you can, as there are some guest houses that do not cater for animals, there will also be certain rules on pets to adhere to.

Should you be taking your children then have a quiet word with them about behaviour and obeying the rules, for if any breakages are caused, you will probably have to pay for any damages.

For those that want a weekend in a B & B, be sure to book in advance, and rather than get lost in the middle of the country trying to find the house, pub or inn, then get the postcode and use your g.p.s. to guide you directly there.

The quality and accomadation that you find may vary from one place to another, so it's up to you to make certain that it offers you exactly what it says, prices can also vary considerably from a cheap and cheerful to a costly weekend away.

Many local village festivals take place during the spring and summer months, so it's good to find out if there is anything going on that will disturb your peaceful or romantic weekend, or you may consider this a bonus if there is a flower show, or local village hall event on during your stay.

If the weekend you choose is to be filled with sight-seeing trips, walking or any other sport, then take the appropriate clothes you need, ask the landlord what are the best places to visit, how far away they are, if you dont have any transport then buses may not run during your stay and you may have to rent a taxi, which could be expensive.

For that night out at a restaurant in the adjacent town or village, find out how far they are and reserve your table in advance, if in doubt then call your bed and breakfast owner and ask what facilities are nearby for you to enjoy.

If you have any items that you may need during your weekend stay, like a mobile phone and chargers, digital camera or laptop, favourite dvd's, cd's, books or radio, anything that you feel you may require then take them anyway, just in case!

If you are having a romantic weekend, then plan a surprise for your partner, order a bottle of champagne, or a box of exotic chocolates or flowers, these can be placed in your room before you arrive, this will add a sparkle to that special weekend away.

Tucking in to that extra special full English breakfast should not be missed, as this will give a you a good start to the day, find out what time the food is last served, you dont want an active day ahead without that superb meal inside you...!

If you are going to be out late at night, check with the owner that you can get back in without causing any disruption, they may be kind enough to wait-up for you...dont forget that generous tip for their kindness...!!!

Whatever guest house, B & B or self-catering break you wish to choose, make certain that it suits and caters for all your needs and requirements - then you can hopefully be assured of a wonderful relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful time and..."Far from the madding crowd"...In the Garden of England...!!!




Please have a look at our town sites where you can find a good selection of the type of holiday accomodation that you require and want to enjoy, either a guest house, B & B or self-catering.

Feel free to phone the owners and make your enquiries or click on the link to their website on their page for all the information you need.                                    



This account is for general guidance only, and do not constitute any legal or any professional advice given by the writer of this, these lists can be used only as guidelines, therefore you should always contact the owner where you wish to stay, and get confirmation as all have their own rules, prices and regulations.