Remembrance Day
Fri Jan 22 2021 
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tunbridge wells town
tunbridge wells town
In the last days of the most brutal world conflict that mankind had ever faced “The Great War” and “The War to End all Wars” came to its final bestial, bloodthirsty and devastating conclusion on the 11th hour, of the 11 month, November 1918.

This, the most unforgettable time of 1914 would be for all mankind become a marked year in man's history that would without question be remembered for many, many generations to come, as the most horrific, bloodthirsty and destructive time of war, that took all their loved ones to an unforgivable, unimaginable slaughter and to their deaths! Mankind was left in utter turmoil as to what the future would bring, but those left behind would ensure that those whose numbers are well in excess of 9, 000, 000 (in 2014 it has now been estimated that nearly 15, 000, 000 were killed) who were killed in ”The First World War.”....Would Never be Forgotten! Never, in its history, had mankind ever faced such a terrible bloody slaughter of a generation of “boys” who in their innocence fought for King and country, who would never return home, for they lie to this day in graves scattered across hundreds of square miles around the world.

All around the United Kingdom in every village, town and city there are memorials to the fallen dead of the Two World Wars, across the world memorials are placed for those who remember– and those killed in wars thereafter that continue down to our day. Many thousands will gather at these and stand in silence, with their own personal thoughts and tears of a lost loved one and loved ones, of friends, sister's, brother's, father's, wives and boyfriends who were killed.... and those killed in recent years and months of wars that continue today.

They will be without doubt be remembered on this day November 11th, 2014.

Yes, we today live in relative peace and tranquillity, due to the ultimate sacrifice of their lives of the many millions in all the wars, and we should uphold their sacrifice with Honour, Humility and Grateful Thanks and Remember those “Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Us All”


A Lone Poppy Stands in a Cornfield on the Somme Battlefields


A Lone Poppy Stands in a Cornfield on the Somme Battlefields...A Reminder of All Those who have Fallen in War...!!!



Story and Images provided by Ian R. Bridle...Images Copyright of


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