New Mayor

Wed May 23 2018 
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tunbridge wells town
tunbridge wells town
New Mayor Appointed...Royal Tunbridge Wells

The new Mayor of Tunbridge Wells was inaugurated on Wednesday 25 May, 2011, in the council chambers of the Town Hall. The former Mayor, Cllr David Jukes, handed over the privileged position to Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Thomas, with dignity and full respect.

The ceremony was performed in front of the Borough Council members, accompanied by friends and dignitaries, who welcomed the Mayor, with an outstanding applause, to her new position in the town.


Council members present greeted the Mayor, Cllr Mrs Thomas with handshakes, and congratulated her on this special occasion, she was without question deeply moved by their kind gestures in giving their best wishes to her. Giving a splendid speech relating to her life; The Mayor made reference to  the differing facets of her work and employment, as well as her much-enjoyedhobbies. Also giving thanksto her husband and family who have supported her wholeheartedly in taking on her new role as Mayor of the famously known spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells and surrounding borough.


Cllr Mrs Thomas also announced the appointment of The Reverend Bryan Knapp, St Andrew’s Anglican and Methodist Church, Paddock Wood, as her Chaplain.  Again, following  traditional , a new Mayor will always adopt a charity for their  mayoral year, which this year, is Fegan’s.  (For more information, please visit:



They were full of pride during the inauguration and robing ceremony, as she signed the register decreeing her obligation to the borough, her fellow Councillors and the residents of Tunbridge Wells borough.



Outgoing Mayor, Cllr David Jukes, accompanied by his wife, expressed his best and kind wishes to the new Mayor, also expressing that his year in office had been a wonderful one, full of delights and pleasurable responsibility.


After the ceremony was performed, everyone enjoyed chatting to each other regarding promoting the borough and moving forward with new ideas and proposals, so that the residents of the town will certainly benefit from the support that all the Councillors of Tunbridge Wells Town Council are fully prepared to fulfil, and are privileged to give, in assisting with due honour and duty, to the newly appointed Mayor, Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Thomas.

The new Mayor Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Thomas, accompanied by the new deputy Mayor Cllr John Smith and chief executive William Benson.