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Fri Jan 22 2021 
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Tunbridge Wells farmer's market
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Supermarkets have supplied the needs of the nation for many years, with evermore products availiable to everybody, but where does today’s local aware shopper go for a new fix? Well, the farmers market isn’t a bad place to start. The idea for the farmers market is simple. It gives local producers a place to bring their quality products to local consumers, a win-win situation for everybody. The producers can sell their products direct to you, and you get to buy excellent quality products that are fresh, very often organic and completely traceable.

Tunbridge Wells farmers market

The market is part of the FARMA certified farmers market scheme, which is designed to give consumers complete peace of mind. All of the stallholders are the producers of the goods they sell, and the market is regularly inspected to ensure that this rule is always observed. The FARMA scheme also encourages producers who need to use ingredients that they have not produced themselves, such as butter for cakes, to use locally produced butter, thus helping to support other producers in the area. So when you buy a pie, not only are you supporting the producer of the pie, you are also giving a helping hand to other local producers further down the chain.

A shopper browsing at Tunbridge Wells farmers market 
A busy stall at Tunbridge Wells farmers market


Aromasoap at Tunbridge Wells farmers market

The market itself is very busy and with around 30 stalls selling products such as organic vegetables, hand made fudge and local wine.
The stallholders are all very knowledgeable and keen to talk to you about their produce, and the event is seen more as a community, rather than merely a commodity.
This is one of the nicest things about buying direct from the producers, they are passionate about their product and the passion is translated in the quality.
So if you need to stock up your cupboards, or merely fancy a more sedate shopping experience, why not avoid the crush at the supermarket and head down to your local farmers market, you may just be converted!


The Tunbridge Wells farmers market is held twice a month (on the second and fourth Saturday) between 9am and 2pm, and is located outside the Borough Council offices on Civic Way.

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