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Fri Jan 22 2021 
Kentish Towns
tunbridge wells town
tunbridge wells town
The Comet Line
Story by Ian Bridle
The Comet Line - Click Here
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Biggin on the Bump
This is the story of the most famous fighter station in the world - an airfield inhabited by the shadows of extraordinary men and women.
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Doodlebugs and Rockets
The story of the flying bombs - V1 and V2, or Doodlebug and Rocket - the unique, brilliantly conceived, indiscriminatel briefly lived weapons that were launched by the Germans against London
Kentishtowns Kentishtowns
Souls Brothers - The ultimate sacrifice
The Souls Brothers
The Souls Brothers were five brothers from Gloucestershire who were all killed during the First World War.

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At The Going Down of the Sun and in the Morning…
We Will Remember Them…!!!
D-Day 65th Anniversary
As the 65th Anniversary of D-Day approaches on 6th June, 2009, thousands of the older generation from across the world, will stand erect and full of pride that they took part in the Great Crusade”...Click Here

Tom Pitson Story...Click Here
D-Day 65th Anniversary - Click Here
S.O.E. Story
S.O.E. Story - Click Here
In the face of overwhelming odds, many, if not all were confronted by such fear and terror, that it demanded of them some form of superhuman strength and endurance. Every agent suffered the loneliness of being far from home and their loved ones, alone in an enemy occupied land, never knowing what the next few hours would bring.
Meeting unknown contacts to pass on messages, not knowing if their cover had been blown, or if they were being followed. Click Here for story.
Alick Thomas Theobald 1923 to 1990
A grenade landed on the armoured vehicle he was driving and blew back into his face taking his eye and part of his forehead exposing his brain. He fell wounded from the truck and was shot from behind by the enemy.

Covered in Shrapnel wounds and his face badly blown away he was rescued by Sgt T. Craig. Trooper Ellis....Click Here
Alick Thomas Theobald 1923 to 1990
The "William Walter" story
The "William Walter" story
The crews of these many aircraft were young “boys” and the aircraft that they flew in would either carry them to their glory or their death…as they heroically faced the enemy in the skies above England and Europe.
These boys in the innocence of youth… would soon become men to the horrors of war. Click Here William Walter Story.
The "Bill Bray" story. The Heros of Telemark
The Bill Bray Story - The heros of Telemark Click Here
Always intending to go back the opportunity arose.....In the the latter part of 2002 as I saw in the magazine Soldier an advert inviting those interested to attend in Norway an event that would in February of 2003 mark the 60th anniversary of
the destruction of the heavy water manufacturing at Norsk hydro plant at Vermork Power Station in Rjukan, in the Telemark area of southern Norway."What did you do in the War Dad!" Click Here
Guinea Pig Club
We are McIndoes army, We are his Guinea Pigs. With dermatomes and pedicles, Glass eyes, false teeth and wigs. And when we get our discharge We would shout with all our might: Per ardua ad astra We would rather drink than fight....Click Here
Sir Archibald McIndoe
Sir Archibald McIndoe
Beaufighter Crash - Edenbridge
The story of the fateful day of the 13th November 1940, when aircraft code number R2071 left Redhill Aerodrome on a mission, the pilot P/O T. Birkett was at the controls and Sgt. Colin E.P Castle was acting as observer.
Beaufighter Crash - Edenbridge
They rose into the skies above England, not knowing what lay before them, this is the story of that day.......Click Here for story.